Studies shows that husbands stress women twice as much as children

A middle-aged person laughs with his colleagues at job, stating, "I enjoy being a father-I have two excellent children.... But my wife's got three!"The band may giggle and allow the discussion to travel forward, but the reality is, many females today really felt like they're obliged to mother their mates, rather than depending on their household life support. Left to play chef, chauffeur, teacher, nurse, maid, coordinator of special events, and correctional officer, many moms feel like they're always running out of steam, especially when they're also working outside the home.

Unfortunately these husbands will never understand what we women have to suffer and bear when we have kids to deal with and above that our husbands start behaving like mother in laws. A cranky husband can surely give you a headache for a lifetime and the worst part is you cannot give him a gun shot. Living in a nuclear family it becomes really difficult to handle the grown up kid and is also difficult to throw him and his tantrums out from the window.

In a recent survey conducted more than 48% of the mothers said that their husbands give them more stress than their kids. 3 out of 4 women said they do everything in the house from household to parenting. Every other female says that lack of help from their partner is the major cause of stress in their lives. 

Padova University scientists have lately found that this translates into a wellness distinction further down the path as one spouse goes by. When husbands lose their wives, their wellness deteriorates, but on the other hand females who lose their husbands are stronger at dealing with stress and depression.
It is always expected from a women that she has to do all the things from the household work to taking care of kids but the families where both the partners are working it becomes really very difficult for one person to complete his duties and thus expects some efforts from the other one too. 

Do not expect a partner to be the best husband or the best father as he is a human and he cannot be perfect. Let him help you in whatever way he can so that it keeps him aware of the stress you face.
It is advisable that you must divide duties the moment you enter into parenthood. Nurturing a lovable relationship with a proper balance will not only make you feel good but will also blossom the long lost spark that is a must to lead a happy life.

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