Restaurant owner defends homeless man who lives outside the store

The manager of a donut shop is celebrated for protecting from an angry customer a homeless man who is standing outside the supermarket. Nomad Donuts' owner, headquartered in San Diego, praised the "smart and respectful" guy after the consumer said they felt bad about purchasing donuts once they saw him.

Reddit user beerbellybegone, who shared screenshots on the social media site, spotted the exchange. The disgruntled customer's one-star rating states: "A homeless man has stayed against the front door for about a year (morning noon and night). It really makes me feel great about wasting $5 on a jelly donut."*

Thank you for coming to the store, "wrote Brad." We've loved your support over the years, even in the first on 30th St! I'm sorry that your last trip was interrupted by Ray. Know that he wants you to keep buying Nomad $4 donuts every day and that you don't want to feel guilty about it
Brad continues: "Our ' latest ' University site has a lot of homeless people than the initial on 30th St and it really was a concern before Ray started hanging out of the store. He keeps away the unstable ones. Sure, we had a lot of people on crack, cocaine, and so I had to almost forcefully remove them from the shop so Ray keeps them away.

Brad then goes on to explain Ray's background, saying: "Ray is a former computer programmer with some physical and psychological challenges, but he is very intelligent and respectful. I talk to him almost every day. I like him / he is part of our community. The outside of the building gives him shelter from the sun, rain and warmth at night."

Brad concludes: "I understand how you feel, it's not easy to look at. I know I'm probably losing some business, probably yours too, because of my choice not to chase him away but I'm not going to. He's not looking for handouts and hasn't tried anyone else. If you're stopping and talking to him, maybe you're going to come and like him too."

The owner of the business is clearly socially aware, "one user wrote." That's great and I would support that. Yet I believe the piece's protagonist is really Ray. He needs more love than business. "While another added:" This post is worth every inch of respect. Rays a human, with a story like everybody. "One person who claims to be homeless even commented:" Good on the business owner. I heard both of these remarks as a homeless person myself; you can do nothing different, stay totally sober, hold yourself, and people will still look at you as a complete piece of shit for just being there.

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